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Landscape Architecture

•Agency Review and Approval
•Zoning and Land Use Applications
•Public Representation and Advocacy
•Construction Plans and Specifications
•Fesibility Studies and Master Planning
•Community Research and Focus Groups
•Construction Administration and Observation
•Plan Review and Evaluation
•Outdoor Event Planning

•Low Impact Development
•Urban Design and Public Spaces
•Single Family, Multi-family and Senior Housing
•Office, Commercial, and Industrial Development
•Subdivision Layout and Mixed Use Projects
•Garden Design and Site Enhancement
•Recreation, Outdoor Living and Events
•Enviromental Planning

Clouse / Rustowicz Residence
AIAMM Honor Award
Molenaar / McComb Residence
AIAMM Honor Award
Henry Center for Executive Development @ MSU
AIAMM Citation of Merit
Little Bighorn National Monument Competition
Design Merit Award


Whether you are planning a major new development or would like to create a beautiful oasis at home, Studio Two can help you achieve your goals with a wide spectrum of Landscape Architectural services. Let us assist you in determining the potential of your property through analysis of the site and by providing you preliminary studies early in the planning process.

Through research of land development requirements, existing infrastructure and environmental considerations we will determine how your project can best integrate into the community's land use planning. You can then formulate the best and most cost effective plan of action.

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